Pandora finally refreshes their website. Do you use it?

Pandora radio announced their new site redesign today, along with some new features, like being able to watch video ads to “earn” more skips. Sadly, the website still requires Flash. :pensive:
I’m surprised how many of my devices have a Pandora app. It’s on my phone, on my TV and in my car. Where do you listen to Pandora? Do you use the web interface, or do you stream it from your phone to a Bluetooth speaker (like Soundcore)?

Never once even downloaded Pandora. I don’t like “radio” type services. I like on demand services, which is why I subscribe to Google Play Music/YouTube Red. Regardless, their new website looks really nice (along with the fact that it requires Flash…)

I hear ya. I would rather use the curated playlists on Apple Music so I can rewind and fast forward as I please. But I still like listening to Pandora from time to time to change it up.

I’ll stick with Spotify thanks. The curation on Spotify is great too.

dont use Pandora

I used to listen to Pandora a lot but in the recent years I haven’t used it much. I mainly use Youtube now. There are many music companies similar to Pandora that are sometimes better than it such as Spotify.