Anker Wireless Headphones, Bluetooth 4.1

Is anyone able to tell me whether this will pair with the ZTE Blade V7? I received my Soundbuds today and,although my 'phone says it is pairing, the sound still comes out of the 'phone instead of the earbuds. I could be doing something wrong, or it could be that my 'phone (that I hate by the way) will not pair with the Soundbuds. Help please. Thank you.

Have you tried putting the soundbuds into pairing mode and then try pairing them with your phone?
If so, Unrecognize the soundbuds if they are already paired and try repairing them again. You can also reenter repairing mode by pressing the (+) and (-) buttons at the same time. Once the headset is in pairing mode search for devices on your phone and then click on the soundbuds when it appears. Once they are connected click on the cog wheel on the right of the device and make sure audio/ contact sharing are clicked

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Hi @CM3October2016 , does the phone say it is pairing or that it has paired with your BT earphones? As @elmo41683 has mentioned it is worth putting your earbuds back into pairing mode, forget any previous pairing settings on your phone for the Anker earphones and then attempt pairing again.

It might also be worth once you have the earphones listed as ‘paired’ checking the options of your earphones under bluetooth (long press your earphones in the BT menu) to see if you have any checkbox options for music or media playback via the BT device.

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