Pairing with pc bluetooth dongle - Failed

My bluetooth is trying to install driver software to use the soundcore but its saying failed for some reason.

From the screenshot, looks like this is from Windows 10 or Windows 7, and definitely related to Bluetooth drivers on windows.

Windows always has some or other issues with BT connections… having said this, there are multiple threads on Anker Forum which have discussed this issue in the past and have solution posted / possible solution. This might not be the exact issue but related to Bluetooth, you may run a search for Bluetooth on Anker forum to dig more.


If nothing works, reach out to Anker Soundcore Support , they are pretty responsive and will get back to you with resolution steps.

It sounds like you just need to install the drivers that came with the Bluetooth dongle you are plugging in. If you don’t have the disk or link to the drivers, you could try Googling the brand name and model number that are (hopefully) printed on the dongle.

i have the drivers, even emailed them for the prob and they gave me a specific dl for them but they hardly understand a word of english and cant help. the prob is happening with the correct driver installed, might just be bad dongle i dont know.