Pairing USB Bluetooth Xmitter on my Samsung TV USB with ANKER SoundCore

I’m new to this community, so if I violate any rules nudge me in the correct direction. I bought a soundcore speaker, it pairs well with my USB Bluetooth Xmitter (USB BX) if I plug it into my labtop. When I plug the USB BX into my Samsung TV USB port the Soundcore won’t pair. Both Devices search, but ‘no joy’.

I’m wondering if the metal bracket which affixes my TV to the wall is acting like a Faraday cage. Has anybody else had a problem like this or have a potential solution?

[My Background: I 1st coded computers in 1966 (FORTRAN & Basic) and spent 47yrs in Radar, ESM, and ECM (E-2C, F-14, EA-6B, E-3, SPS-48C, SPS-49, SPY-1, Shipboard DECM, BEAR, BADGER, BACKFIRE).]

Thanks in advance for any help.