Pairing two Soundcore 2s together

In early 2019, I purchased a Soundcore 2 from Amazon. The listing says:

" [Anker Soundcore 2 Portable Bluetooth Speaker with Superior Stereo Sound, BassUp Technology, 12-Watts, IPX5 Water-Resistant Shower Speaker, 24-Hour Playtime, Wireless Speaker for Home,Outdoors,Travel] "

I am looking to purchase another Soundcore 2 to have two speakers playing at once, and I want to make sure I am getting the correct thing, in case the version I purchased was an older one and would be unable to be paired to another one.

Does this product: pair with the other Soundcore 2 I bought? If not, where can I get a Soundcore 2 that would pair with it?

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Hi @zane.harvey
I understand only the “upgraded” soundcore speaker has the ability to pair.
But I’m happy to stand corrected.


As mentioned by @paulstevenewing only the upgraded release of the Soundcore 2 has the ability to be paired with another Soundcore 2


Glad I got the right end of the stick :+1:t2:

Hmm, I remember when I originally purchased my first speaker a couple years ago, it said it had the ability to be combined with another Soundcore 2, which is why I searched this specific model back out. Does that mean the link I attached should pair with it? Or am I mistaken? Thank you!!

I don’t know if the first one I purchased was the ‘upgraded’ one or not–and I’m not sure how to tell based on the listing.

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Now there’s a great question.
I’ve trawled the internet and can see the upgraded model number is 3105.
But not sure if they both share the same! I can’t find much information on the non upgraded version.
If I find something I’ll update.

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If your original Soundcore 2 purchase was the upgraded model, then yes it will pair using TWS (True Wireless Stereo).

Best way to find out if your original speaker is an original or upgraded model would be to drop an email with your speakers serial number and they will be able to confirm the revision.


Wanted to give y’all an update–thank you both for helping me!

I sent a couple of emails and ended up calling customer service with my questions–my current speaker is apparently a 3rd iteration, which is no longer being sold by Anker, who is now on iteration 5 for this model, which would not be compatible with my model. (I ended up making the double speaker cyber Monday purchase I was hoping to avoid, though I am sure I will find another use for my current speaker at some point. Can’t turn down a discount price of $29.99 per unit cyber Monday deal!)

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Glad to hear your now sorted :slightly_smiling_face:

I have purchased 2 upgraded soundcore 2s in 2020 but I am having difficulty pairing the two and the instructions provided are very vague. How do you actually pair the 2 speakers?

Hi @Braebaylea the below is the normal method