Pairing two SoudCore 2 speakers (Stereo)

As suggested in the manual on paper or online as pdf I tried to pair two SoudCore 2 speakers for stereo mode. A new one and an older one, which I updated with the 1904 firmware. They where bought on amazon.

Both speakers are starting the blue double flash after pressing the bluetooth button for a couple of seconds. Nothing happens after this.
When pressing the bluetooth button for a longer period (about 5 seconds) the speakers give a special jungle sound. The also doesn’t result in any coupling.

Can you help me?

@ssteinbeck You can only pair the upgraded Soundcore 2 models together, so using an original version as part of the pair will not work…


Thank you for your fast reply. How can I distinguish the original and the upgrades version?

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I’m not sure but…

You cannot pair two different types of speakers. So if you have two different types it won’t work.

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You should be able to tell from the model numbers on the base or your packaging…

Original - AK-A3105011-F
Upgraded - AK-A3105014

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Seems like you are out of luck

Thank you Neil for your clarification!

The speakers are hard to distinguish, as I don’t have the original packaging of the older speaker. The Text on the bottom is the same, disregarding the different numbers on the silver stickers. There is only one visible difference between them. This is the inside of usb/aux protection flap. It is flat formed on the newer and a little bit deepened on the older version .


Hi. Can you advice me if the pairing could be used as a stereo set up?

e.g.: to watch movies from laptop; one speaker brings the left Chanel sound and the right channel sound from the speaker at right?

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Hi @delvin.hdec yes if you have them in true wireless stereo mode, one speaker will produce the left channel of the audio and the other the right channel.

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can you pair two original soundcore 2 speakers? (instead of the two updated soundcore 2 speakers)

@christihalsell Only the upgraded models support true wireless stereo

I also have an issue connecting the 2 speakers mine are both the upgraded versions so what now or do I send both back to Amazon and buy different brand.