Pairing of soundbuds flow with laptop

hey guys,

i got my soundbuds flow and its very easy to pair them with my phone and tablet, but i´m a bit stuck with my windows 10 laptop. the soundbuds just dont appear in the bluetooth pairing setting. do i need a special driver? tried to google it and find a driver, but all i find are the general instructions and i cant find it on there. would be super thankful for an answer, since i´m taking a long train ride tomorrow :slight_smile:

Find out the manufacturer of your bluetooth card on your laptop, go to their website and download their updated driver…Do not rely on windows to update the driver. Once you do that put the headphones Into pairing mode and try again


There have been reported some problems with WIN10 and bluetooth recently.
It was suggested to delete the WIN-bt-driver and install the driver from the manufacturer of the bt-card in your laptop.
This should help.

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thank you guys! will try and hope it works

Let us know if there is a success!

I was doing this the other day. If I remember you go to add Bluetooth device. Make sure the headset is in pairing mode then wait a minute or two. I remember it taking a little time to show up. Also make sure the blue tooth controller in the computer is turned on or “enabled”

The reason of my issue is I have paired soundbuds with my iphone and hence the laptop can not find it. Just switch off the BT on the mobile then search again on your laptop.

Those devices CAN NOT pair with two sources simultaneously.
There are some models who can do.

Yes they can pair with two devices, they just can only connect with one device. The common simplest method is disconnect from one then connect to the other.

There’s an upper limit of how many devices are paired, I don’t know what it is and never had an issue, e.g. my Slim buds are paired with 4 devices and I swap between them easily.

Of course they can pair, they can not connect with both simultaneously
Got the wrong expression, but its quite logical.

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