Pairing Multiple Speakers

I want to host a mini outdoor movie. Can I buy 10 Soundcore speakers and have them all paired at once?

Yes - you can!!

You need to buy Soundcore Flare 2 and pair them - it has the PartyCast technology with which it can pair upto 100 (and may be more) Flare 2 speakers.

For now it is Flare 2 only and many more speaker models with PartyCast will be released in future.

Some details

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If you do buy the flare 2’s you should come back and let us know how it went.

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Post a video of them in action


So the 1s dont do it huh? I’ll have to re-think the plan at $80 a pop x 10-20 speakers but good to know there’s a product out there that will work. Maybe Anker will toss us a 50% off one time discount for a group purchase that helps the community get back together while prioritizing safety? *casts fishing line out to Anker pond and hopes…

@Marshall_Rosario make sure to join Soundcore’s Amazon Live Stream every week, first login and ensure to join the Soundcore Collective

Here they usually have discount coupons for latest products

Also check on deals on both Anker and Soundcore communities for more discounts posted regularly!

Much appreciated!

If you are looking to buy a big amount, I’d suggest reaching out to them, maybe they could cut you a deal