Pairing Flare 2 with Flare 1


I have two Flare one (1) and I would like to buy a Flare two (2).

My question is very simple, could I pair the 3 speakers and use them in stereo (all three at the same time).

Please only respond if you are sure or have tried, I had a bad surprise before, buying a third SoundCore speaker, I would not like to experience the same problem again.

Many thanks :heart:

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The only way you would be able to pair 3 speakers together is if they had partycast , which the flare 1 speaker does not have.
So the flare 1 wouldn’t pair with the flare 2 speaker.


Correct answer here.

One caveat or addition - if your phone supports connecting and streaming to multiple bluetooth devices at once (some samsung phones, and probably a few others), then you can have one of those devices be the pair of flare 1s, and the other device be the flare 2.

You would then get stereo from the Flare 1s, and the full sound from the Flare 2. The Flare 2 with partycast doesn’t do stereo anyway, it just does the same sound from two different sources no matter how many of them you have connected.