Pairing Anker Flare 2 with Anker Mini 2

Hi Guys/Girls,
I’m wondering if it’s possible to connect Anker Flare 2 with Anker Motion+ together?


As far I know motion + got TWS , Flare 2 got partycast pairing.
So I would say not possible


Tried a while ago when I first got the Flare 2 as a test to see if it could air outside of its model…unfortunately it didn’t…

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The 2 answers above are correct from my knowledge but why say “Mini 2” in title and “Motion+” in body?

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Thanks ,mate.Then I’ll be moving to Sony line up…since i to connect a Mid and small speaker for my PC and Kitchen without any delay.Cheers!

Thanks you so much…I’ll be going with Sony then.

Mini 2 is not available in my country and if I were to order it from US just not worth the price.Thank you so much.Have a good one.

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