Paired Soundcore Mini Icons Will Not Connect to Mac Laptop - Needs 4 Digit Code?

Hi All

I bought two Souncore Icon Mini’s, paired them together and have been using them with my iphone perfectly well. However, when I try to connect them to my laptop, I click on connect in the Bluetooth preferences and then a message box pops up stating that I need to enter a four digit code to connect it to my computer. I have no idea what this code would be and therefore have no idea how to connect it to my laptop! Can anyone help?

Thank you!

Hi @emmalouisepursey this can usually happen when one side of the device pairing (in this case laptop) has an older revision of Bluetooth compared to the secondary device it is trying to connect to.

You could try 0000, 1111 or 1234 which are often the most common pins to establish a connection.