Paired Motion+

Hi. Finally bought a 2nd Motion+. I have paired them and they sound great! I just wanted to ask if it’s normal that when you paused a song from a device like mobile phone and resume playing, the speaker with blue light is lagging (like 2 seconds) from the other speaker (white light) in resuming the played music. Is this an issue or a normal occurrence? And another thing, which is the master and slave speaker among the 2? Thanks in advance to those who’ll answer. Cheers!

I can not tell why there is brake .
But to find out master slave its easy.
Flare : When connecting to my laptop
first the master connects than the slave.
You see this from the lights and you hear it from the connecting signals.
Enjoy the motions +
I got only one. :laughing:

Hi. So in your Flares, it is also like that, there’s a break?

I do streaming internet radio mostly, no breaks.

Me, usually I’m just pausing my music player on my phone. Then when I’ll resume playing, the other speaker (the one with white light on it) sounds first then after 2 seconds, the one with blue light will follow. Have tried to reset andd unfair them both but still that issue persists.

Is the second speaker still connected to the first?
Try to swap the sec nod for first.
Otherwise no more idea, sorry.Y
You could ask soundcore forum as well.
More “specialists” there