Paid more than this for half the power

Hi all,

Amazon US has a deal on the 10000 mAh powercore. I remember paying more than this for the original Astro E1 two years ago…which had half the storage and only IQ 1!


Nice deal!

Ooooh. Nice deal…

:persevere: that’s the one my son lost. Still mad about that cause now it cost me half my powerbucks to replace it


Thanks for the deal!

Kids these days. My daughter has been through FOUR pairs of gloves this winter.

:smile: Mine is better, completely lost 3 sets and had only left hand glove for other 3, had to buy few more sets anyway

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Sweet deal and even sweeter little PB… replaced my first and original Anker PC 10000 with this one…

Worked when I was a kid, feed inside jacket sleeves, much harder to lose gloves.

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If you are basically stating “Moore’s Law” that technology improves, then yes that is a given.

Innovation is assumed, expected, or you die. In my case my primary cause for buying Anker over others is for an item coming $20-$40, is the customer support, warranty is so excellent, the $ vs effort just wins. I have few warranty issues, but all solved excellently.

What is annoying me about Anker currently:

  • announcing products which never ship
  • announcing products which ship a year later
  • too much overlapping products, so it is too easy to make a bad product purchase decision, and then unfair negative criticism of otherwise a good brand with good people and good support.
  • slow adoption of USB PD
  • shipping MicroB products

My most recent Powerport is the 60PD as I had to buy a 45W quick, no-brainer, bought Anker. I had a need it never entered my mind to consider other than Anker, it was a charger so “which Anker” not “whether Anker”. Arrived, worked, and I knew if it didn’t work I’d get a low-pain support for return/replacement. For $36, the pain part matters most.

My Powercore is a different issue, most of my Powercore are 2-3 years in technology as the newer stuff has not really been that much better. My faves like the Powercore 10000, Fusion 5000, Slim 5000… nothing really that much better has come up yet. I still sometimes use a Mini+.

Given Moore’s Law, you’d expect something significantly better every couple of years.


She has a special talent :joy:

Superglue? I don’t think it permanently harms?

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All those things can be replaced.
These are nothing more than simple items! :wink:

If you keep the single one, one day if another gets lost, you have a pair again.
I was very successful acting this way.
BUT always had black gloves, so it worked! :joy:


Doing exactly the same. And buying blacks more often. :thumbsup:

Oh man that’s a great price :ok_hand:

So being a geek means I can use logic as I do not have to worry about fashion.

If I find an item I like then I will buy 2 or 3 of them. When it comes to socks for example I will buy them in sets of 3s so as socks wear I end up with 3 pair becomes eventually 2 pair and a spare… 1 pair. If I bought only a pair of each colour I would end up with basically more odd socks. Same with gloves.

However wear & tear means most of my stuff is averaging about 9 years old, and I have items I use I bought in the 80s, if everyone was like me we would likely decimate the consumer economy , but sea levels would be lower.

Seems we are quite similar. :wink:
I do not care much about brand names.
eg It doesn’t matter what brand a jeans is.
It should be clean an wearable. :slight_smile:

We educated our kids the same:
Don’t mind what you are wearing as much, a brand name is a name, regarding clothes.
BUT what you eat is important.
So easy isn’t it?
So we thought them to cook, and today they are often better than old parents! :grin:

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I don’t care about name brands at all, when it comes to anything. As long as I get a good deal, and I’m getting a quality product.