Our Xmas lists!

Hello everyone,

As in France, Thanksgiving and Black Friday are not a huge thing (well Black Friday starts to get bigger), I am already preparing my Wmas shopping list for my family.

I am thinking about offering the following items:

  • PowerCore 10,000mAh for my Mom
  • PowerDrive 2 Ports for my Dad
  • Some PowerLine Lightning for my brother
  • SoundBuds Slims+ for myself ^^

What do you plan of putting under the tree?


Cables, lots and lots of cables. I’m so sick of all these flimsy, bendable cables. I want to deck my place out with some Powerline+ II cables. :slight_smile: And of course, get them in different colors to identify them better. Hubby’s cables are a mess. So he’s getting some new cables. :wink: Perhaps pick up some Anker Astro 6700mAh battery packs for our friends.

It’s always good to stock up on cables. You are right ^^
No plans on giving an Anker product to one of your relatives?

My mom’s phone doesn’t charge anymore with any cabLe she has tried…I told her to try my new Anker powerline + micro usb cable, and low and behold it worked and charged her phone. So she will be getting some new micro usb cables, she can’t have mine, lol.

A few new battery packs for my wife and son. My wife a wireless charging stand, magnetic car mount and the fm2 for her car.

My son will get a few small things and a Kano computer kit

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Our apartment, has both micro n c usbs.

More importantly, our cat, LOVES them all! Hahahaha

So, will need to replace sometime soon, esp as plug sockets n chairs, aren’t close enough to have chargers on the standard cable (the one in the box) to reach. I have gotten longer cables, but not of this quality… which is why im here!

I don’t have any relatives. It’s just me and the hubby. So more Anker for us :wink: But of course, we’ll be giving some out to our mail lady and delivery guys. I think the Astro 6700 would be perfect stocking stuffers, along with a cable or two. :slight_smile:

Xmas wish is to win an Anker Power house or nebula :smiley:

Keep dreaming on winning the powerhouse :laughing:

That’s a nice wish. I hope you have been VERY sweet and NICE with everyone around you all year long. If not, well… :stuck_out_tongue:

I live in Supai Village in Arizona. It’s a tiny one and everyone has to get along. So, yes, I’ve been very sweet and nice with everyone…especially the mule since that’s how we get our Anker products.

:wink: :smiley:

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Hehe then you can hope to receive these gifts. But you never know :wink: