Our community!

Hello you all.
I am taking part for while at this community.

Having leisure time a lot I took part at others as well.

I stopped pretty soon.
Boring, weird participants and strange themes.

We have really one of the most alive communities I ever met.

Give us all some merited applause!

Go on ANKER & the other companies!
Clap, clap, clap. :joy:


Haha I live it. I am part of many different forum communities and many have died down over the years with only a handful of people being active at any given time. One of the forum even shut down, only to be revived by a customer and it was thriving for the first year and then it fell to the wayside. Hopefully that never happens here and we continue to grow and become more engaging


I was taking part at some watch communities in the 1990-ies

Those times only a few ones all over the world had access to the WWW.
We were really a kind of sworn community.
Some of the fellows I met are still friends.
Some passed away.


I agree this is a great community. All because of die hard Anker fans and the great company that stands behind its products -Anker.

Also a lot of credit goes to @AnkerOfficial for all the freebies that are generously showered upon us :smile: that keeps people motivated.


I agree that this is definitely an awesome community we have going on here! The people are awesome! :relaxed:


Lively community indeed. :v:

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Yeah, those freebies are really nice. I always enter in the forum giveaways. @AnkerOfficial keep up those freebies are whats pulling new people in. Great method of advertising and loyalty rewards. Only the real Anker fans go to the forums.

Yeah, I hope this community thrives too.