Other products?

Does anyone know if Anker makes things for laptops for example a laptop cooler?

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At present, we haven’t produced laptop cooler, but in the future maybe we will take into account it.:blush:


I think they haven’t

Do you even get some benefits from laptop cooler? In my experience the best thing to do is clean up regularly from dust and change thermal paste on CPU and thermal pads on graphics.
I always considered coolers somewhat gimmicky products. Am I wrong here?


Thank you for letting me know :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ll be getting my first laptop next month so I was just thinking of getting one when I get it

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The main “benefit” from a laptop cooler, is keeping it above the surface (ie if in the lap, can block airflow n cause it to get too hot).

About once every couple of months, I would put an attachment on my hoover, and hover the out vent (NEVER THE INPUT AIR CHANNEL, as sucking it backward could cause more probs)

In the in vent, use an AIR CAN, to blow through as you hoover the out vent.

Regularly use an almost dry, keyboard wet wipe (leave it out a couple mins before using (that way won’t be too wet)).

Otherwise that’s it (use a DRY microfiber cloth on the screen, anything with moisture on will, WILL smear the screen).

Also, occasionally use it in battery mode until it goes flat, to keep it healthy.


@amangons you mean shaking it vigorously and banging on the desk won’t work to clean it out? :thinking:



It might if it’s an Asus! lol


I actually saw something like some self adhesive round “legs” for it . It elevates whole laptop and I think that’s actually much better than cooler.

I tried cleaning once without opening the laptop but that was tragic. I broke a fan because air compressor turned the fan too fast and probably messed up the bearings. Since then I always disassemble it first and clean it properly when opened. If it’s under warranty I just wait when something will die from too much dust and let them fix it :joy:

You used a compressor? Fuck, no wonder you broke it.

I was talking of them cans of air, and a standard hose from a standard hoover. Nothing major.

It kept my budget Acer going for 9 years before it started to get noticeably slow… Old iPhone slow! lol batteries died despite almost never using (which is what I think was the prob!).


I’ve been always using compressors to clean out dust of desktop PCs with no issues. The problem was yes as you say that it was just too strong and blew out the fan . That’s why I like opening them up . You can block the fan with your fingers and blow the dust away. I guess I’m too cheap to buy those cans. :grin:

It’s kinda amazing to see a 9 year old laptop still working. Newer models of laptops have suck built-in obsolescence that’s almost ridiculous.

No they have not unfortunately.

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Perhaps adapters to charge laptops with Powerbanks ur USB/USC to the different styles plugs.

No. Not right now :disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:

You know folks I was just using a laptop as an example I was just wondering about other things that could be made other than just things for your phone(s)

Universal adapter for charging laptops that would actually work would be amazing product! They all straight up die after some time.

Voltage is regulated by the converter on the input port for laptop; the part that goes into your laptop. For some reason they don’t work good at all after some time.
A great multi laptop charger should have some kind of a switch to regulate voltages and current on the brick (I guess that could be problem for users that know nothing about the tech they have though).

If you have a box fan, you can simply lay it flat on its back and rest your laptop on top of it lol.

I find the fans that attach to the blower only help a little. It may drop temps about 5 degrees when the system is stressed. I find that my laptop stand with built in fans works the best. It lowers the surface temps and keeps the air flowing under and around the unit.

Oh, I’d get the laptop cooler, that sounds interesting! Or like a stand.