Other products with the Anker "A" in the design

I ordered a screen protector from Amazon without looking much into it. When I received it, it seems they have a similar A as Anker and thought they were probably related. Has anyone else come across this?

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Hmmm… that’s strange. I can already feel this thread is going to get blown up! Get ready for a comment party!

Can’t say I’ve ever noticed the brand before. After doing a whois for there website it appears the domain is hosted in Canada yet the company is SHANGHAI MEICHENG TECHNOLOGY INFORMATION DEVELOPMENT CO., LTD.

Possibly a fly by night company using OEM products with their own branding that mirrors Anker’s logo?

I couldn’t even find a website. Kinda weird then, they didn’t even change the color of the triangle much to another besides blue.

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The website is spartindirect.com, took a few searches to tie down something down to search on…maybe related to Anker in some way but so far I couldn’t find anything


Do you know anything about this @AnkerOfficial

So surprising to hear that ! I think is one of our competitors who imitate our conceptions. :scream: Remember to shop cafefully in the Amazon !


oh man… they can’t even spell their own brand right “The products in SPRAIN all have quality safeguard.” I should’ve gone with another brand haha

I also noticed that the Tab icon is that letter “A” like Anker’s except theirs is white and Anker has it Black (with the blue triangle of course)

That should have been sparin , chalk another one up to my iPhone spellcheck

I figured, but I was referring to their own site (if i wasn’t clear, sorry), on their statements.

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Ah, no worries

It’s the coolest looking “A” that you can find…not the first time I’ve seen this type of thing.