Oscillating High pitched noise from PowerPort Wireless 5 Stand

So, as my first wireless charger I decided to get the PowerPort Wireless 5 Stand and It is wonderful! A lot of what makes it wonderful is inherent in it being a wireless charger. However, I also enjoy having peace of mind knowing my phone/charger won’t overheat and having the ability to charge horizontally or vertically and with my case on, is all unique to this charger and frankly make it better than most in my opinion.

BUT! I have one tiny little problem (maybe not even a problem and just an observation), there seems to be a very faint oscillating high pitched tone coming from it. I only notice the noise when it is very quiet, and it seems to only happen when I am not charging my phone. Again, not really a problem but I am curious if that’s normal. Is it something all wireless chargers do? And what is making the noise? Or am I just going crazy (not to be ruled out)?

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I’m sorry to hear your having this issue. I have the exact same stand and haven’t experienced any of those issues. Have you emailed Anker support?

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Nah I don’t see it as that big of a deal so unless people here tell me that its a problem then I might, but I’m not sure it is worth the hassle.

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May I ask a personal question - your age? You can obviously not answer, but usually electronics based on a lower frequency resonate at higher frequencies and usually only the younger are able to hear it. And dogs.

You’re not crazy, it is natural physics and not a sign of a fault.

You can alter resonance by just pinching it at a random spot or moving it.

Items can also have faults but that’s different.


I am young enough that my ears still pick up those higher pitches and I figured that’s what is, but I just wanted to see what those of you who know a little more than I do had to say. But thanks for confirming that I am not indeed crazy. :relaxed:


@ericshaile Hi,

I am sorry to hear that. If possible, would you please try a different wall charger and cable to see if the same issue happens?

If the issue persists, would you please kindly contact us via email address: support@anker.com with your order number?

Best Regards!

I actually have the same charger and its making a high pitch beeping noise. It’s driving me crazy! We ordered 4 of them for Christmas and only one makes the noise!

Hey @Great_Antelope
I have that pad and mine makes the noise while charging.
I tried a few different wall chargers and the sound remained.
It doesn’t impair the performance or seem to be generating heat so I think it’s fine and I’ve left mine in service.

Digging up an old post since it was the first search result. The sound is coming from the plug at the wall and not the stand itself, right? At least that’s the case for me. And you’re right that the sound stops when the phone is on the charger.

I got a recording of it. Trying to find a way to post it here (unsuccessfully)

Upload it to youtube and share the link

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I have this same stand and this same issue! I had purchased an Anker Dual Port 12W Wall Charger (found here: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08GSDZKPD ) and my wireless stand is plugged into that. So when nothing is charging, I hear that high pitch faint oscillating sound as well! As soon as I start charging something, it goes away. Since I have two powerport stands, I’m assuming it has to do with the combination of using it with this particular wall plug. It’s annoying as it’s in the bedroom, so I have to purposefully unplug the cord so we can get some silence if I’m not charging anything.