Order Zolo Mojo Starting Today!

Update: Zolo’s Mojo Bluetooth Speaker with Google Assistant will go on sale TODAY for $60 on Zolo’s website. The first 1000 customers will get 3 months of Spotify Premium for FREE! While Zolo did say it would be a $20 gift, if I’m doing my math correctly, I believe this is a $30 value!

Who will be ordering Zolo Mojo tomorrow?!

Note: The current ship time for preorders is November 28.

Offer goes through November 22, and is available for in the US only.

Previous discussion:

Zolo has a new promotional page for their upcoming Zolo Mojo smart speaker.

Zolo Mojo is one of the first non-Google smart speakers to feature Google Assistant. It focuses on sound quality compared to the Eufy Genie and I like the design much better!

What do you all think about preorders? Seems like Anker has been doing a lot more of those lately (Roav, Nebula, Zolo).

Are you interested in the Zolo Mojo. If not, is there anything specifically that would make you interested? Be sure to let me know your thoughts!


Is it going to remain a US Only brand? That would be disappointing. I’m assuming it’s only for now as it’s a new brand and hope it takes off and spreads worldwide.

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I would want to see how it compares to Google own device, And where it comes in at price wise. From what I can see is that it does look good so it should fit In with any decor, wonder if they will sell different colours

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I think it is going to cost around $70.

WHat does it do that the genie doesn’t?

Part of the problem is the challenge of languages and dialects of Google Assistant.


Is there somewhere where there is an in depth review of the new Zolo Mojo?

I love this clip :joy: Super funny

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Haha this is not quite how we speak but pretty close. We all love a cwtch in Wales lol

I support Liverpool FC so hear these phrases a lot lol

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I don’t think he’s quite got it right here. It amazes me how we’ve got so many accents in such a small country.

Can you imagine Google coding for this


Sometimes I wonder is it better to just wait for a better discount or just jump on it

Any speculation as to what the gift may be? Now featured on Zolo’s home page.

My guess would be a premium carrying case

Preorders start tomorrow!