Order tracking

Hey all,
This is my first Anker purchase and I am eagerly awaiting my new items.
It appears to me Anker is the best at what they do, however, I notice my order is shipped by amazon.
I contacted Anker support to see if there is a tracking # and was told to contact amazon who then told me to contact Anker…
Are orders placed on Anker.com and shipped by amazon not trackable?


Generally if you order from Anker. Com any tracking info will be in your profile under orders. Click on the shopping cart, my orders

Normally you will get a message from Amazon, that your order has been shipped. This contains the tracking number from the company the item is shipping.

Thank you both for your replies.
I did check to see if the order status shows a tracking # and it says “awaiting delivery confirmation”
I haven’t yet received any email from Amazon.
I’ll keep an eye out for any emails!

So mine actually still says awaiting delivery confirmation. But if you follow my pics it will show you status update

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Nice order :slight_smile:

Most of my order ships directly from Anker to Amazon then out by postal service/UPS. A lot of my orders have come from the Amazon hub about 1.5 hours south of us and they sometimes come directly from Amazon. I think it all depends on where you are located.