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I recently bought the PowerCore 10000 PD PowerBank by Anker, and I want to know a few things before use it.

1.Which charger should I use to charge PowerCore 10000 PD?
2. Should I use the PowerPort Atom PD 1 [GaN Technology] 30W to charge PowerCore 1000 PD?


Unfortunately, the PowerCore 10000PD is not compatible with Anker PowerPort PD 1, Anker PowerPort PD 2, or Anker PowerPort Atom PD 1. There are some more details in the thread below.

Personally, I charge it with a regular Anker PowerIQ charger (5V 2.4A = 12W) and a USB A to USB C cable. It may take a little longer, but it’s usually done in 5-6 hours.


Don’t you get charging adapter with your powercore?
I got my 26800+ with Quick Charge 3.0 adapter and it took full 10 hours to charge full. This may be good for me for a month or so. Been using last 5 days and still all LEDs are blinking.
I can’t imagine charging this monster with a regular charger :joy:

As @TechnicallyWell said, PowerPort Atom PD 1 is unfortunately incompatible with PowerCore 10000 PD. Here are a couple compatible options that support fast charging via USB-C Power Delivery:


I do what @TechnicallyWell does. I use a regular Anker PowerIQ it takes a while but it works great.

Thank you for the information @TechnicallyWell

Thanks a lot @joshuad11

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I have a PowerCore 10000 PD, which have an input/output of 10W from USB-A IQ and input/out of 18W from USB-C PD.


  1. Does the PowerCore 10000 PD support IQ Charge?
  2. Is it advisable to charge it with a 30W charger?
  3. Which charger do you recommends me to charge it?


The chargers you recommends me are 30W output, do you think advisable to use a charger with 30W output to charge a PowerCore with 18W input? The battery life doesn’t get affects?

It’s not necessary, but yes, it will be work perfectly. The PowerCore will only draw 18W.

Thank you!

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