Opinions on Zuckerberg in Congress

What’s everyone’s opinions on the current issues surrounding Facebook?

I’m dubious about his answers as I have personally (as have many friends) saw ads appear on my Facebook in relation to topics that have been only been verbally discussed with friends - his response when questioned about this was to deny this “conspiracy” and said that they only record sounds when videos are uploaded. I haven’t seen the entire thing but he did seem to dodge lots of questions.

I did laugh when I saw him using a booster seat in Congress though lol :joy::joy::joy:

Surprised this hasn’t been brought up on here already. Personally I don’t use social media, well I have accounts for testing at work etc and for occasional Anker events but nothing of my personal life goes anywhere near it, such as photos of friends/family. YouTube might become an exception due to Amazon for reviews :grin:

Can’t really see how any of this has come as a surprise to users of Facebook (or any social media), if you hand over information via surveys and/or post your life publicly, how are you not expecting the information to be misused as well as be constructively used :confused: :confounded:

Might be worth updating the thread title to expand on your post, otherwise some might read as spam…

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I have and use facebook, but mostly its to keep in touch with friends who all live in different states or out of the country. I rarely go on to post stuff about myself of family. if something frustrates me, I may post about it but thats it. I go on there to see what other people are up to and thats mostly it

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Cheers, updated topic title

No worries, the hashtag part was a nice play though.

I am finding it funny based on the bit I just saw on the news regarding congress wanting a yes or no answer about default privacy settings (without a proper consulting) of FaceBook users. I would have countered can the American people have a yes or no answer on lower taxes and higher wages, seeming as yes or no decisions are so easy :grin:

The hashtag was something I’ve seen across news and social platforms since the Cambridge Analytica story broke, thought it would sum up the topic to a tee lol

Yeah I saw the whole “yes or no” questions and also when he was asked if he’d be happy to tell everyone what hotel he stayed in last night. I know there’s a serious matter behind it but I just find parts of it comical.

There’s nothing I write on fb or any other online forum/blog or whatever, that I could give a rat’s arse about being copied or listened to.

Anything THAT personal, is discussed with my fiancee face to face, and sometimes with very good friends via text message or phone call.

Yes, I’ve written some stuff out there, but as I said, nothing that could get me in trouble or be used against me, or could be used to gain financially (mind if they did try to raid my account, they’d prob set up a gofundme account!).

Just watched a video about Facebook “on Facebook” that said it’s terms and conditions contains over 87000 words. I’m sure in there somewhere it mentions that they will share all our data for profit lol

There’s more privacy on Facebook than in this community. Everything typed here is unrestricted readable apart from private messages.

There are huge amounts of information here any half decent app could extract.
I know many of you are using vague names but most (all?) have given enough searchable information here to know your full name, your photo, your address and what you care about.

Don’t set me a challenge of giving your full name and address, just ponder all you posted, like photos, videos, etc. Just infer and figure it out.

The difference is Facebook is using your data directly as its business model, vs this community is a marketing engine as an adjunct to a business which sells products for a price. As such, Anker does not need to monetize this community data. Facebook does.

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Is it really necessary to implement a new legal terms to protect personal data?
I think it’s very necessary.

OMG that trial was a farce though, those congress reps were highly inexperienced with both technology terms and basic concept models in general, still I am loving the Data memes…

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Your completely right, I suppose the reason it makes mainstream news is down to the volumes of people who are affected by a breach of data. I saw one article that said atleast 87+ million users had been affected.

I would agree that he seemed to dodge a lot of questions. I don’t use Facebook a lot myself, but I’m surprised by the amount of information that some people post.

Agreed, there is the option of more privacy but the thing is that the majority have either no desire or understanding how to implement (most likely from my experience), there just to happy to post and be in the game, as it were.

Anything that is posted to the Internet has the ability of being obtained (or exploited) if your determined enough to get to the information (private or otherwise), far easier than if it was not posted to the Internet (which still can have it’s own pitfalls, circulated mail etc).

Pretty much everyones live’s are accessible unless you live in an extremely remote location with no access to the outside world :smile:

In call center, we always said… It’s in the TnCs!
A good call operator, would say… In paragraph 6 sub section 12 point 9, it says… (That was me… Oops)

I did several campaigns (companies who paid my boss to deal with their customer complaints) Inc one that was for a cellphone company, during the last 6 months or so of “my” company running it, this was a typical call… Good morning you’re through to ??? Mobile, Mac speaking, how can I help…

The usual reply… HELP? YOURE FUC-NG USELESS! lol. … Would get that about 100 ish times a day.

Good thing, was so long as you didn’t swear/swear, you could give almost as good as you got! So soo different to when I worked for the UK passport office. lol

Don’t blame Mark, he’s one of my neighbours.

The core problem is I think back at everyone who uses Facebook, the premise of a free lunch. The expectation of something which scales to millions of people, where you can get instant ability to see what all your friends are doing, post photos, videos, live chat, etc.

That follows a long line of similar free lunch expectations, Google for example. Gmail is free, search is free. Android is pretty much free. But then Google knows all about you too.

If you want privacy you have to pay for it, or not use the service at all.

I found myself not using Facebook basically because it became annoying, too many adverts and targeting me. I can type fast, I can read fast, but to scroll past all that crap just became annoying.

On my Chromebook (typing now on) I have Adblock Plus extension, and Ablock for Youtube to stop the same crap.

On my Android devices, I only buy ones which can be unlocked bootloader, rooted. Magisk, Xposed, Adaway, Minminguard, to block all the ads.

If I am blocked from a site due to my ad block, I open Incognito so the cookies it drops to infer my interests do not carry over into another site where they attempt to sell me something.

I do not think you can shield yourself from 21st century knowing everything about you. At most, you can just shield yourself from its worst annoyances. If you were wanting to shield yourself from all of its annoyances, you can dial back to the 19th century, where plenty then thought themselves sophisticated.

Working in the private office for the First Minister and deputy First Minister of Northern Ireland I have been on the receiving end of a few heated calls myself.

I must admit I did enjoy them :joy:

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