[OPINION] Zolo Should Focus on Alexa Over Google Assistant

In recent attempts to step into the smart speaker market, Zolo has developed a number of different speakers, including Mojo(+), Halo(+), and Model Zero. Three of those five speakers feature Google Assistant, while the other two incorporate Alexa.

As it stands right now, those two are the only ones that will be sold on Amazon. That’s because Amazon and Google do not get along. A few years ago, Amazon stopped selling Chromecasts and later Google pulled the YouTube app from Fire TV. Their relationship does not show signs of changing anytime soon.

Anker obviously relies heavily on Amazon as a platform for selling their products. Since Amazon will not allow anyone to sell smart speakers with Google Assistant, I think Zolo would be better off if they sold more smart speakers with Alexa rather than Google Assistant. If I had to guess, I would say there haven’t been very many Zolo Mojo’s sold so far.

Of course, I might be completely wrong, but to me, this seems like a reason for Anker to stick with Alexa in their future smart speakers unless they really plan on developing an Amazon competitor.

Do you agree or disagree? Let me know!

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Personally I think Google assistant works better and will win out in the long run. Why wouldn’t Amazon sell Google assistant devices if they have nothing to worry about?:wink:


Really? I know it’s smarter and will answer more random questions, but for a smart speaker, I prefer Alexa. Plus the API is awesome with all the skills!

I’m with @Jesse_Hernandez1. I have both a Google Home Mini and Amazon Echo Dot. I prefer the Google Home. It works better, it’s far better for searching/asking questions, it’s built-in to many phones so I can continue using it in the car or on the go without extra hardware, it has better integration with Google services, and as for the Skills, it already has 90% of the most popular skills Alexa has and is catching up like gangbusters. Remember when Android first came out and everyone was like, “iPhone is still far superior because the App Store has 10x more apps than Google Play!”. Well, a few years later and we all know how that story ended. Google will win in the end. The only thing I prefer about my Echo Dot is that it’s marginally easier to say “Alexa…” than “Hey Google…”


You will soon be able to change the “hot-word” for example “Computer” or “Jarvis” or any other single or multiple word phrase you would like.

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I would prefer Alexa as well simply because I’m already invested in the ecosystem and I have my smart lights grouped the way I like them. I’ve also used Google Assistant and I will agree that it works somewhat better, but Alexa has been around longer and I feel there is more 3rd party support from manufacturers.

Interesting video but you can’t actually change the hotword. The video title is misleading.

This issue is gonna come to a head anyway. Google could win out if they can get sales up as their system is really superior as it stands today. Alexa is riding the “apple”-esque loyalty. I have used them both and believe google has more potential. I think i read about the google alexa war. Think something big happened recently.


I don’t think sales will be a problem. Google captured 40% of holiday season sales for smart speakers. That means that they are practically tied already, for new purchases. And that’s up from their market share from last summer, so Google clearly has more momentum at this point and does anyone doubt that Google with positive momentum will eventually win? Of course, there is room in this market for multiple players and just as iOS has maintained a healthy user base despite “losing” to Android, Alexa will be around for a long time even if Google Home will be dominant.

Agreed! We own a few Amazon echos and they work really well, especially with the information it provides and supports all of our smart devices.

SO basically your argument is because Amazon has Prime and Anker’s primary pathway for sale, that Anker’s Zolo brand is fighting Amazon with Google Assistant products?

Well Anker has its own store - and some of the giveaways and discounts have been only for Anker’s own store.

Personally I think:

  • let innovation run at its own maximum pace
  • let Amazon innovate Alexa to its maximum
  • let Google innovate Assistant to its maximum
  • give us the choice of both and whichever is better we can buy. Better can be personal taste or some individual combination of usage which is better on one or the other.
  • competition is good, let these slug it out so we can accelerate innovation
  • I have bought things from Amazon.com , things from google.com (play store) and things from Anker.com, I don’t care much whichever of these I can get, so long as its wonderful and cheap.

On a side note:

  • I can personally, still, type faster than I can speak. I can sit in a meeting room and type 20 people’s words with less error than any of these “smart” assistants listening.
  • I only use these “smart” assistants when my hands are tied up, wet, dirty so have to fall back to voice. Good example is when riding a bike. I do have the Google Assistant on my watch and my phone and they’re so-so currently. They make too many errors.
  • usefulness and error-free is not there yet, given you have hands, feet, and many other assets above voice.

I don’t think anyone is using these smart assistants primarily for the voice-to-text. I use my Echo Dot or Google Home to control home automation, ask questions (e.g. just an hour ago I asked Alexa how many ounces were in 1/4 cup), set appointments or reminders (I actually use this feature a lot, like “Alexa, remind me to get the clothes out of the washer in 45 minutes”) or play music. That’s just a sampling of things and none of them have to do with replacing the keyboard for text input.

My bad I thought that feature was out already, it will be soon.

Oh I get fun geeky stuff.

But then I know those facts and remember things. A machine reminder may just make my mind feebler faster.

Has anyone asked these:
.“Alexa is Google Assistant better?”

  • “OK Google what do you think of Amazon?”

Has anyone put these next each other and tried to get them to have a conversation?

I have asked alexa which is better and she said 3 different answers…1.) she prefers not to answer 2.) I’ll keep my opinion to myself 3.) nobody likes a snitch


Is Google extending an olive branch?? :hushed:

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We all know that Siri or Cortana will win :slight_smile:
I think Anker should work with Google too so they can get used to the system. Because how the other people mentioned before will google probably win the smart business game. They have the data which they will need for a good smart speaker.

I personally wait in which way the development is going. For me, right now is it not worth to invest the money


If “google assistant for free” like in the Android phone I already bought, then fine. I have some Eufy smart plugs which do “whatever” including Google Assistant, then fine.

But to explicitly spend money on an ecosystem which is closed and specific, like Alexa or whoever, is just a blueray or BetaMax all over again situation, you risk spending $$$ into a future dinosaur.

Do not look at the point below of this is about video, step back, and think its not about “Siri is better” (the BetaMax is better parallel), but that it is many other aspect (in this is video rental) which won in the end, something not predicted when the technology arrived.

Currently with a smartphone say IOS or Android, you’re exchanging a one-off time-limited $ for a specific known experience, so you are making a one-off no-investment decision. With the home automation you are making an investment decision, spending money to get an integration experience. I will not spend $ on that now. Later, maybe.


Yeah but does Alexa really know the question?