Operating manual

Would be a great idea if there was a more comprehensive operating/set up manual for us oldies who like to follow step by step instructions. And include steps for optimal operation, setting up schedules etc. A few YouTube videos wouldn’t go amiss either. The ones I’ve been able to find spend most of the time unpacking the box!

What do you need help with?

Anker has been working to make more videos explaining different aspects about there products.

Here is a link to there channel for reference.

I have worked out most things from the existing (small!) manual, but more detailed information on scheduling would be most welcome. Also it would have been helpful to have included some different scenarios on how the system can be set up and used in different situations.
Overall quite impressed with this product and generally easy to set up the basics after a bit of trial and error.Did notice that without the internet (our broadband connection down for 10 days after changing providers) nothing records and nothing is saved, even though our home network was still working. A bit puzzling, but it appears others have had the same problem.

You are one of the very rare persons who still likes to read. :wink:
The majority likes videos instead of manuals.

But often a structured manual made by a professional is much better than a video created by an amateur.

I agree. The manual that comes in the box is adequate but a bit brief. Only one of the Youtube videos was adequate, the others pretty ho-hum and didn’t cover anything that wasn’t already in the manual. A good manual beats a home-made video hands-down and can be used at any time (even when the internet is down!) Here’s hoping Eufy will come to the party and produce a more comprehensive manual for what is pretty good product.

Writing good manuals is not quite easy.
I write/wrote those for many items, different industries.

Getting in the subject is necessary first.
How to use, what issues might happen, how these could be solved by the customer, when does he need really the support…

Creating a stupid video and upload this at youtube is more easy. :laughing:

Hi @pilch,

Thank you for your valuable suggestion.

I will share the idea with eufy product team, hope they could produce a quick guide video as soon as possible.
It will make it easier for users to understand.