Opening Eufycams

I have two original Eufycams from the kickstarter that are all fogged up. I’ve talked to support and their suggestions didn’t help. They are out of warranty of course. I’m trying to open up one of them to see if I can clean or fix something inside to get the picture quality back.

I’ve removed the four screws in the back. I can’t figure out how to progress further. I am aware of the “Eufycam Teardown” thread. It seems to indicate that the outer case should slide off from the front, but I am having no success. I can’t seem to remove the magnet either even if I screw in the mounting kit and pull.

Anybody aware of a video or even more detailed instructions?


May be you ask the support if the case is glued!
If so… :sweat:

And ask here as well :

This might be a long shot, but I have a small dehumidifier that we used to pull the moisture out of a security camera when it got fogged up. Just put them next to each other and placed a box over top and let it sit for a day. Might work for you!

May be “silica gel” could help.
I never tried that.
But a dehumidifier seems the better solution.

Wonder if the rice trick would work

I would be leary about the fix causing more of a lesser seal.

With that said, I probably would do the same if the issue was not easily fixable

I would say it will not work,
without opening the item.

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Was thinking it would not either as it should be sealed pretty good but if it is fogging up, I was thinking there may be moisture getting in there from somewhere to fog it up…

After taking the 4 screws out of the rear the front with a bit of force should separate, it has a silicone seal around it that is holding it in place

So please tell us if you could repair the issue.
And dont forget sealing and waterproofing it more perfectly than it was done before! :laughing: