#OnTheRoavWithDad | Father's Day promotion ( US only)

Father’s Day sales have officially begun! Pick up gifts for dad before you forget. Enjoy the discount with the codes below. Up to 23% off!

DashCam Duo: Code: ROAVDU22 15% off

SmartCharge F0: Code: ROAVF2FQ 23% off

SmartCharge T1: Code: ROAVTT22 15% off

DashCam A1 No code needed 23% off


Are these global discount codes? @AnkerTechnical


Looks like US only @Oggyboy


I had the same question @AnkerTechnical do they work in Canada too??

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Thnx For It But Why Not Roav S1 ? :confused:

Thanks for the codes, but why are they US only grhhhh :rage:

Exactly. It’s Father’s Day in the UK on Sunday. I’ve told my dad he’s getting nothing because Anker are saving all the discounts for the US :rolling_eyes: #HesNotHappy :joy:


Nice deals…might try and get dad something.

That dashcam duo looks a bit bulky lol

@Oggyboy Savage! :laughing:

@ikari04warrior did you see my review for the dashcam Duo as it’s not bulky at all

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I’d love the duo. Be great to capture those funny moments in the car which you miss because you are looking at the road.

Does anyone know which of the smartcharge devices is the best option to gift? I’d appreciate anyone’s who’s tried it to let me know? It would be going in an 05 Chevy Avalanche and used for music and the occasional phone call.

Great deals :ok_hand:

nice deals :thumbsup:

I must’ve skipped it. I’ll check it again thanks :thumbsup:

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Cool cool how many people use a dash cam?

I do, we have at least 1 in each car.

It seems everyone uses dash cams these days, I use it in my car :nerd: