Only received part of pledge. Where is the rest?

I live in Ireland and never received any tracking number(s) beforehand but have only received part of my pledge.
I am missing 2 cameras…
Will these come as a separate shipment?
Thank you.

Which pledge are you talking about??

Side note - what part of Ireland are you from?

I’m talking about a kickstarter pledge (4 cameras + 3 sensors + homebase). I’m in Dublin.

@fabienroche Welcome to the community

I would suggest for a faster response to your issue sending a message to EufyLife on their Kickstarter page for the item…

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Yeah, I think this is the wrong place to post about kickstarter issues. :slight_smile:

Btw, they did say in their update that they will split the quantities for larger orders. Sit tight !

These will come as a seperate shipment, shortly after the first one!