Only one soundcore life note connecting

My headphones (soundcore Life Note) only one pair pops up on the Bluetooth menu.
The one that pops up is the Soundcore Life Note-L, when I connect only the left pair is connected but The right one isnt connected, ive tried reconnecting, forgetting the pair and putting it in the charging case and trying again,
I’ve waited for hours and hours but only the Soundcore Life Note-L pops up.
I really need the right pair to connect also please help me.

Reset them

Note that you do actually only connect from phone to one bud anyway. You connect to the first bud out of the case. You’d NEVER connect to the L and then also try to connect to the other. You can succeed if you keep trying, the two buds then forget each other and act independently and a reset make them remember each other. Never try to connect both buds from phone.