Only 1 USB-C Battery Bank?

Is the PowerCore+ 20100mAh USB-C currently the only USB-C powerbank out by anker that has output and input via USB-C?

I am looking for my choices to take with me on a cruise to power up my gopro5 and karma grip for an extended time lapse project

I know I can use a USB-A to USB-C but am wanting to try straight USB-C. thanks

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dang I have a 26800 but not usb c version

Only aware of the PowerCore+ 20100 , 26800 and 20000 Speed that use USB-C

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PD may be slower. Negotiate down to 2A when others may be 2.4A.

is PD the term for delivering power via usb-c?

like this charges via usb=c but doesnt deliver usb-c correct?

PD output.

This is why I didn’t mention the 13000 C as its C input only not C output.


Hi @bill_rae, we have three USB-C power banks with both input and output via USB-C:

PowerCore+ 26800 PD

PowerCore Speed 20000 PD

PowerCore+ 20100

and one only with USB-C input:

PowerCore 13000 C

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I got the Anker PowerCore Speed 20000 PD 20100mAh Powerbank
and I wrote a review here.