OnePlus 8 Pro - 30W wireless charging - needs a fan!

The more you crank up wireless charging Wattage, as it is less efficient than wired, it needs a fan!


As discussed here, you have to accept less powerful wireless than wired or suffer faster battery aging.

Sadly, the OnePlus 8 pro is no longer a flagship killer. It’s simply a flagship.

I believe anker also makes some wireless chargers with fans? Naturally they don’t go anywhere near 30w though

Tend to agree. I owned OnePlusOne, Oneplus2, OnePlus3T. Then I was getting very meh about them, price increases. I went for their OnePlus6 2 years ago and it is still good enough to skip the 6T, 7, 7T, 7 Pro and also not the 8 and 8 Pro. Simply too much $ for basically a screen smaller than my tablet and features I find I can live without.

I go out walking with my phone, then I plug into my charger, I then use another device until I leave home then use my phone again.

The last wireless charging phone I bought was the Google LG Nexus 5. Cost me refurbished $150 , 4 years ago.

Really 1-2 year old phones and a tablet… save your money. I like wireless charging convenience but it is getting utterly silly to pay $70 for a wireless charger which slower than a wired one you get for free.

I have a Samsung 15w wireless charger but my phone is only capable of pulling 12w and the charging time is pretty good already.
If I need a faster charge due to time, I can simply use the cable

Interesting benchmark.

Both are 30W, the adding of a fan to offset the heat of less efficient wireless means the charge times identical.

However wireless was still hotter despite the fan and you’d naturally get more convection cooling being propped up.

I mention this as wireless powerbanks are going to have the same challenges, they either must be low Wattage or must have more creative cooling.

What we don’t see is the difference in Wattage consumed from the wall, as wireless is less efficient, and in this case the power for the fan, I’d expect more taken from the wall wireless than wired. Finger in air about 25% more.

Interesting to see the details on the heatpump, which is something Anker will have to think of if they want to up the Wattage in their portable wireless charger future products.