OnePlus 3 Cases, battery cases, dash chargers, and screen protectors?

I own a OnePlus 3 and it seems like all of the tempered glass screen protectors are the kind that don’t cover the entire screen. I know OnePlus hasn’t licensed it’s dash charging technology, but possibly working with them to create different colors of dash chargers would be great. A battery case would be nice too, power banks are crap to carry around.

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I agree this would be nice.

Hi, any update with DASH Power Banks? It’s sad to see that both the OP3 and the OP3T are without fast portable power. OnePlus seem to not care. :frowning:
Surely all that’s needed is to replicate the frequency control change to the power bank?

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A mobile is, errm, mobile, so you’re moving. You’re not generally near mains. So if you’re near mains you want to make use of finite time, hence fast charging from mains power for mobiles makes perfect sense. Hence DASH charge. More so for phones of a nature which don’t tend to last all day til bedtime when a slower charging becomes possible. So more so for larger phones like OnePlus3/T.

But portable power, well, errm, so it is WITH you, all the time you’re moving. So you can connect it for long times because it is WITH you for long times. Hence portable power has LEAST need for fast charging.

You then have the problem that DASH charging power bricks are huge, because they are doing more. They have externalised the battery management where the voltage is modulated and current reduced to balance the battery. If you put DASH capability into portable power, it makes it BIGGER hence LESS PORTABLE.

If anyone WERE to make a DASH portable charger, I predict its higher cost and higher weight will just make it less carried and less used than just say a 2A 5V stock USB charger.

You then have the need to LICENSE from OPPO.

You then have the business problem of there are relatively very few OP3/T compared with say Samsung, or say Apple phones. You can see QC3 being in far more phones than DASH in phones. So you sell less units with DASH so the development cost is higher per unit so the price is higher.

I’m siding with Anker on this, DASH is not needed and makes little business sense for portable chargers.

I have a OnePlus2, worse battery life than the OP3/T and I’m traveling tomorrow, I’m leaving house to airport and will use on the move, once I’m say in my airline seat I will connect an Anker Powercore 10000 to it and likely fully recharge in the 1 hour flight and then use the phone next hours moving around with my bag with the Powercore inside, and this will get me to bed time just fine. No need for DASH.