One-Year Anniversary Celebration Ideas!

Hi Anker fans,

Do you remember that fateful day when we first launched the community to the public, way back in 2016? Early next month, we’ll be celebrating our very first anniversary together!

I have some ideas in mind, but I’d like to hear your thoughts first.

So: contests, games, giveaways? Any suggestions to ring in our 1-year-old community’s birthday are more than welcome.

Thanks, as always!:grin:


Wow. Doesn’t time fly :slight_smile: and look at all the new things you’ve brought to market in that year. You guys are crazy busy.

I think you should hire a few planes, send us all a ticket and fly us to your party :tada:


Well 1st anversiery is traditionally paper. So how about downloads for making paper versions of Anker gadgets?
Something like this


Yes, yes, and yes! I think you should employ all 3 (Contests, games, & giveaways)! Besides, it IS a big deal, isn’t it?!

Happy anniversary @AnkerOfficial :birthday::balloon::tada:


Happy Anniversary!!! Woohoo, so glad to be a part of such a great community.
I say a giveaway and prize contest such as a search amongst the website…like hide little Easter eggs throughout your site and we have to find them all


Give aways!!! PowerCores, Powercores and did I almost forget to mention POWERCORES!! Congrats!! November will be my 6 month Anniversary with all of you!!


A very huge giveaway!!!

Competition idea: How much has changed in your life the last year and how Anker products enhanced that change? Use the most liked score with final decision after mods remove fake account likes.

Giveaway idea: Assuming you release new USB-PD and IQ2 products then a USB-PD bundle, IQ2 bundle. Top prizes are free, 2nd prizes are discount codes.


Damn time really does fly! I’m happy that I’ve been here since day one and seen the community grow so much in that time :smiley::smiley:

You can’t beat a good old fashioned giveaway :wink:

Happy anniversary Anker and all the awesome ladies and gents in here.


Wow. Has it been 1 year already? That’s insane. It feels like just yesterday that this community was born. Now it’s all grown up… (sniff) (tear)

But seriously… wow. Time flies!
Go for all three.
Go big or go home.

Either way, we’ll still be here. :smiley:


I guess it’s also kind of our birthday right? :slight_smile:
I’d love to see some exclusive goodies celebrating the occasion. Like special stickers to customize our batteries or other Anker products.

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I see @nigelhealy mentioned PD bundle and IQ bundle :slight_smile:

With the fab year you have had and the launch/success of all the sister brands Eufy, Zolo, Karapax etc maybe you could extend the bundle idea to include all your brands too

I do love a competition or a giveaway and I do love Anker so whatever you come up with will be amazing :wink:


It’s been a year already? Wow… time flies!
:tada: Happy 1st anniversary, everyone! :confetti_ball:

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wow really?


I am down for any ideas. Games, contests, giveaways, anything would be a plus.

mayabe free 365 bucks for everyone for that juicy 365 days :slight_smile:

although 365 sounds too much ahahaha

well, im sure you guys will come up with something great

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Congratulations :tada::champagne::balloon::confetti_ball: anker!


Wow how time flies! Happy Birthday! :grin:

How about Super Power Draw or something.:wink:


I might be over-reaching here, but what about a “win anything” contest? As in, the winner can choose between all Anker - and maybe Anker-related brands - products.

Just think of all the forum buzz only from the “If I win I’ll get the…” posts! It will be fun to see people defending their options and maybe convincing others.

I would probably get the Eufy RoboVac 11+, though the Nebula Mars projector would also be nice… :smile:


Good idea but hard to implement. The win anything idea would require in effect Amazon giftcards and then tying them to only Anker products is hard. The alternative is Anker giftcards but does not sell everything.

This is why it has been an Anker selected product to win for free, or Amazon discount codes for specific products.


Amazon discount codes for Anker products is a great idea @nigelhealy
Happy 1st Anniversary Anker & everyone :sparkles::balloon::birthday: