One plus 7 pro

Just came packing some serious power for a £649 phone!
But that pop up camera I am not to sure?!?!?


What will you tell us seriously? :grin:

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First one to post about it :ok_hand:

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@professor you have to test it and tell us it it’s any good :joy:

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Here’s a video or unbox therapy with this phone.


Another one here

I’ve seen 3 videos about it already and I’m seriously liking it. The 2 major downsides I see (with any Android for me at least) are the OS and value of the phone after some time. Love Apple’s OS and the fact that iPhones retain their value for longer time

I in general think phones are getting too expensive, too much performance in something struggling to fit in the hand / pocket. Their value is going backwards. Smartphones of 3 years were better in comparison.

As @Shivam_Shah says, while iPhones are expensive, more than OnePlus, but they hold value well.

The idea of “OnePlus” is that the phone is all you need and they keep cramming in a lot in there, but this last week I played with an old friend of the Moto G4 Play, $89, it did all the things I needed in something in a pocket, and played with a new friend - Huawei Mediapad M5 8.4 LTE and liked its bigger screen, speakers, battery life, $320 ($299 + SD card to get similar to the OnePlus 256GB). I then went back to play with the OnePlus6 I have and concluding feeling not sure if the premise of a big expensive phone is worthwhile?

I was thinking recently to let my Oneplus battery go to 70% and turn it off and use it only when it’s premises match the situation, to stretch it out to last longer, the ultimate death of a phone being its battery in these tightly glued unibody type phones which basically have built in Obsolescence.

So I think my OnePlus6 may be the worse value gadget of anything I owned, and OnePlus7 looks to be just as bad.

On the topic of the OnePlus7 pop-up camera, I have nil faith on its reliability, no matter how many times it was tested up/down, that up/down was done in a clean factory, not in real life with that down dragging in human factors grime, grease, debris. @ikari04warrior I think that pop-up camera will fail and cause a recall, real life pocket/hand grime pop-up vs robotic clean-room.

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@Alex_Honnor are you planning on getting it? Seems like a solid phone. I’d personally stay away from pop up cameras in case the mechanism ever stops working or something

Lol that’s giving some Samsung flashbacks lol

But on a more serious note, phone companies need to stay away from those gimmicky ‘features’. That’s just gonna cause future problems for the users.
Marques Brownlee said the camera it’s rated for 300,000 opens and closes

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I hate the idea of a pop up selfie camera. I would much rather have a low-res camera shoved in the corner :grin:

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Lol image you are about to capture a once in a lifetime moment only for the camera to get stuck and not work

So I am genuinely conflicted.

On the one hand, I have learned that experimentation with technology makes you realise benefits you had not thought of.

That teaches me open mind.

On the other hand, experience.

I keep coming back to that fact when I do not have a bag, it is just my pockets, they are only so big and the phone has to fit, no backup battery, no charger, and that calls for a smaller phone, more efficient.

Or, I have a bag. In that bag I can carry a great many things, like a tablet. That tablet can tether to phone or be natively networked, it can be drained of its battery and then move to using the phone. Or other options, like carry a charger, battery.

I don’t have an answer, just the idea of >$600 phone is not winning its argument within me right now, unlike it did when I bought a OnePlusOne for $349 years back when it was a no-brainer.

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If I had a lot of expendable money I would buy a bunch of phones and try them out. But I don’t have that much expendable money :joy:

Nah only interested

OnePlus sure is getting more expensive each year

I agree 649 now

Manual pop up will be better :joy:

Be aware Anker chargers and power banks won’t meet the OnePlus 7’s fast charging needs.

OnePlus 7 Pro uses Warp Charge 30 as its fast charging standard. Warp Charge 30 increases the current, rather than the voltage. This has the advantage of less voltage conversion during charging (more efficient). But the higher current generates much more heat. To deal with this the conversion circuits are in the charger, not the phone.

That means the phone itself can’t handle other fast charging standards. As it has no/limited conversion circuits. It can accept regular USB-C power (5V/3A), but at a reduced charge rate. So an Anker USB-C charger or power banks can recharge the OnePlus 7. But not as fast as the included charger. Best to use them to top it off, rather than recharging it from 0%.


Any mechanical means are about to fail after a certain period. Similar to flip phones or slide phones in the past.

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