One of my EufyCam 2 cameras will not record or send notifications from motion

This camera started working properly again some time in the next few days. It has been working properly (triggering and recording when expected) since then.

Original problem below:

One of my EufyCam 2 cameras will not record or notify.

It will live stream.

It worked for a few hours the night it arrived. I plugged it into the base station to charge overnight. It stopped working properly the next morning.

I have tried:

  • turning it off then on again using the app.
  • restarting the base station

What are the standard procedures to reset the camera, reboot it, etc?

There should be a reset button on the back of the camera, but first double check your notifications settings

Remove the App and to reinstall it, this worked fine for me.
One of my two cameras worked immidiatly.
The second one also after I turned it off and then on again, using the app.
I’m receiving my notifications again.