One eufy cam has suddenly gone "foggy"

I bought a 2 camera system and a single camera on Amazon on Prime day at a vastly reduced price.
One of the cameras from the 2 camera system has suddenly developed a “foggy” view like it has condensation or water inside it.
I contacted Amazon who said all they could offer was a refund and I would have to re order at full price !

I am going to contact Eufy help on Monday when they are open again are they likely to be able to help me or should I just send the whole lot back to Amazon ?

Any advice appreciated.

Yes, definitely contact eufy support. You can also email them at They will help resolve your issue.


@Insider is correct. But anyway: Are you sure water is the reason of your foggy lense and not the well known “broken lense”? Asking because it is very implausibly that water came inside, as they are waterproof. This would mean tha cam got a vers hard hit or crashed on the floor or something, to “break the IP certification”. More plaudibel to me, as already occured a lot, is a broken lense. Can you backcheck that your lense is 100% intact and not looking like this:

Of course a broken lense would also be the reason for water coming inside the lense and make it foggy, what on the other hand would make it harder to note and see that the lense is maybe broken, if you know what i mean :wink:


Hi that was the first thing that I checked and unless it’s a tiny crack my old eyes can’t see anything.
I phoned them this morning and they asked me to send an email which I have.
Hopefully sort it quite quickly.

Thanks for help both :+1::+1:

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They will take care and probably will send you a replacement cam @Yabbadabbado
Support is great.


Yes, you will get excellent support from eufy and no need to worry about any defective products or quality related concerns.


Well unfortunately it looks like a second camera has gone the same way today. Seriously considering returning the lot to Amazon and cutting my losses. Very dissapointed :cry:

Don’t! … Send all issues and problems detailed and with pictures to and if they are malfunction, failing or useless, you will get replacement cams for them!

Sending all back to amazon to get refund and then buy them again (for the much higher non discounted price) would be stupid.

I alread had several cams failing and falling out in the past 8 months, and all got replaced by eufy support, which done a great job regarding this! :clap:

And last but not least:
Don’t forget that you have WARRANTY! … So they “have to” repair or replace it.

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Ok I have taken your advice and sent off for replacement.
I hope I don’t regret it as you saying you have had “several” cams failing does not really fill me with confidence.

Time will tell :slight_smile:

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Don’t worry. The cams which have been failing at my side, came from the first bunch of cams sent to the kickstarter backers. Thats over hald a year ago now and since then, knock on wood!, everything is ok and working. No more failing cams (no matter if original eufycam or eufycamE), till yet.

As i have some very heavy in use cams at work, woth about 200-300 videos daily, each 1 min long, i am still curious when (or if at all) those cams or batteries will start to fail or having problems.

But if you get replacement cams, you can be almost sure that they are from a “newer” - mabe revisioned - bunch of cams and should work flawless.


Hello! @ Yabbadabbado Sincerely apologize for all inconvenience caused by this issue. Could you please help to have a check on the camera lens whether there is frost or crack on it?

-If there is frost or water covering on the lens caused by the rising air humidity after rains, please wipe it off and observe for some time whether the image in the App resumes to normal.

-If there is lens crack, please simply contact us via to get a replacement provided that the system was sold by AnkerDirect. Sincerely thank you for your valuable time!

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@yamyam loves eufy :grinning:


That statement is just too generalized bro … it is very much deppening on the day, the wather, the food in my stomach and last but not least and mainly from the current firmware and it’s usability and flawlessness :joy:

And as longer no official statement is posted here, or update coming, or issue of my TO-DO List is solved … the love is shrinking daily, sometimes weekly, until refilled with fresh love (working updates, fixed issues and new useful features).

Just to say … :wink:

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I also have a camera (Cam E) that’s just developed fogging over the majority of the screen. See attached photo.

I’ve checked and no webs covering the lens or any visible cracks.
Was working almost flawlessly since late June 2020.

Anker. Please advise ASAP please.



I have the same problem with one of my eufy cameras that i bought in the last prime day sale… wasn’t going to return for a refund but after hearing how many problems there are i’m thinking I should cut my losses and go with a different brand.

Contact Anker support they will deal with it and replace it very quickly and efficiently.

I’m having the exact same issue. I’ve contacted support and they are offering me a 28,48 dollar refund. The product is 7 months old and bought on the offical Anker store on Aliexpress for € 148,92, which was a good deal back in september 2020.

They are not offering me a full refund / enough refund for me to buy a new camera (€ 99) or sending me a replacement camera because “there isnt one available”. I really feel like I am getting scammed.

Unfortunately, Aliexpress has their own policies that generally only allow for a partial refund if you keep the item. Anker provides more information here.


Hi Ryan,

Thanks for the reply. I just want to enjoy my camera’s so I would like to replace the foggy one because now it’s no use to me. What is the best option for me to do in situation?

You’ve been told your AliExpress options for the failed item.

Return for full refund, you pay postage.
Partial refund.

To get another your option is to buy or not buy. Obviously you are now wiser as to the AliExpress policy that Anker has to follow.