OnBoard 2019 - Full Insider Recap

Anker announced several new products at OnBoard 2019… Here’s your full Insider recap!


eufy RoboVac G30 Edge ($320, January 2020)

eufy S11 Go ($250, January 2020)

eufy H11 ($50, December 2019)

eufy Security Smart Lock ($170, Q1 2020)

eufy Security Wireless Video Doorbell ($200, Q1 2020)

eufy Security Alarm Keypad ($40, December 2019)


Note: PowerCore III 10K does NOT support PowerIQ 3.0 output, which is awfully confusing.


Thanks for putting together this list! It’s great!

Are you not counting the battery cart thing?

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Thanks for always keeping us informed, @Insider!

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Nah, not a product of Anker Innovations.

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Awesome! Thanks for putting together this list!:+1:t2::+1:t2::+1:t2:


Excellent consolidated list!! Great New Releases @AnkerOfficial

Thanks @Insider for putting this together :+1:

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Wow, there’s a lot to unpack in there. I like that they’re expanding USB-C to some the smaller/lighter PowerCores, especially with the units with a built-in cable.

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:heart: a bunch of great new products. I like the Powercore III

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Surprised eufycam 2c isn’t there considering we have more info on that than the eufycam 2

I also see eufycam 2 is meant to drop next month so can probably expect it 2025 for anywhere outside of the USA

Keypad is an interesting one, wonder if it’ll work with series 1 & 2, hopefully with it comes more options like after 30s of a door sensor opening it alarms all cameras (as there’s no separate siren available) if the code hasn’t been entered

Wonder if the doorbell will be available with & without homebase for those with the camera system

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Good work to create such a list.
Helps a lot!
Thank you.

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That’s quite a list, thanks for putting together @Insider

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Thank you for the invitation @AnkerOfficial

In case you guys haven’t seen my post, here’s my take of Anker On Board 2019:

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Amazing products!

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Some awesome looking products here! I’d give my right arm to test some of these. :joy:

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It’s exciting to see what came out of the focus group! I’m so happy to be part of it! Nice products!

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I guess I must be old, but I am stoked for that S11 GO vac!


WOW!!! :exploding_head:

This is one impressive lineup! I’ll take one of each, please, and thank you! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I thought the same thing, honestly. lol

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Not sure if I like the heathered looks on the chargers, some look better than others

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