On Anker website, how to easily find power products for specific devices?

On Anker website, how to easily find power products for specific devices ?

Is there anyway to sort products on Anker website by what I want to specifically power without having to read through descriptions of 20 individual products in a category and then in tiny print at bottom, it says not compatible with Qualcomm or iOS? Example: which wall chargers (and if supports fast charging or not) are compatible with Samsung Note 10 + phone? Or which power banks work with OnePlus8? Or different brand/model laptops compatibility with Anker products. I understand that the port plug types (USB A, C, micro, lightning) have to have compatability to begin with.

I thought this product sorting was available previously. I remember a drop down menu where I could put in brand of cell phone in the good ole days of exchangeable batteries. Now I feel like I need an advanced electrical engineering degree to buy any power accessories for my devices.
If it exists please point me in correct direction. If this doesn’t exist please consider implementing this. Thank you in advance.

No it’s not easy. Agree it should be.

We ask but it never gets done, we probably do a better job here in the community to help than Anker’s own. Their Amazon listings are usually less wrong than Anker’s own.

Well, there’s this, but it hasn’t been updated since last year, and I don’t necessarily agree with the recommendations.

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Unfortunately it’s not that simple with Anker