Ok to be Always plugged in?

Hi. I wanna know in particular about the Soundcore mini2 and in general for all non-smart products that whether it is ok for them to be always on charge? Is it going to be harmful for the battery?

It’s said it doesn’t harm the battery, but I would not do.

Personally to maintain the health of the battery, I would suggest allowing periods for the battery to have a charge cycle rather than constant charge.

The manual also recommends not charging the speaker for extended periods of time to reduce battery related issues.


I think iilf you leave it plugged in it will degrade the battery faster but if that’s not a big deal to you, just leave it plugged in

I keep one of my Soundcore speakers plugged in all the time, but I use an outlet time (something like this https://www.amazon.com/GE-Mechanical-Intervals-Decorations-15075/dp/B00366JSNU/) to only charge it an hour or so each day. In my experience, it’s best to keep the electrons moving in the battery and give it some “exercise” from time to time.

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The battery does need to be used periodically (say once a month) so periodically pull power.

The primary risk from keeping plugged in is there is a “hum” coming from electrical distribution, like when the freezer or washer goes on/off which slowly over time fries electronics. While there is a regulator in all Anker Powerport chargers, a little of the hum does get through.

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Oh ja Ryan, that’s an interesting solution.
I got a lot of these timers.
Normally used to turn on light when at vacations. :smile:
No smart home!
But dont tell others! :rofl:

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A Smart Home isn’t very Smart when the internet goes down.

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Thats it.
There was a power outage here in München last month.
Some terrorists burned down a thick cable.
Was not so funny, because it lasted more than 24 hrs.
Fortunately only a small part was affected.
But no supermarkets, etc.
If this happens in winter not good : No heating.
And of course many other things out of function.