Ok, here’s my views on my eufy floodlight cam having just fitted it

So, very nicely boxed and a great price given all you get with this stand alone floodlight security camera. I did some internet research on floodlight cameras. I watched all I could find from reviewers and spent time reading about the “pros and cons” of various floodlight camera available and how well these products are supported.
I do have Ring products so Ring was my default supplier and benchmark. So what did I need in a floodlight camera.
I need a good looking, well manufactured, robust floodlight. It needed to easily connect with my internet with simple instructions as I’m not a techie and it needed to do what it said it could do on the box!
What pulled me towards this floodlight camera was a few things. It’s a floodlight camera so the illumination needs to to bright when on and this unit is nice and bright with a good flexible field of illumination, in fact, I found it best inclass with 2500 lumens. It’s mounted outside so it must be IP65 weatherproof, it is. I liked the idea of motion activated brightness, lve not have a chance to test this as yet. It must have motion alerts, and I very much appreciate the free local storage, you pay with Ring. The 1080p camera is great and must have was, live streaming with good night colour pictures. I wanted to view the live picture streaming on the smart TV, it needed to be Alexa supported and it is. Having an inbuilt, volume adjustable 100dB smart siren and 2 way audio are very nice extras. Being a smart WiFi connected product, I was pleased to read that the data security is military grade, what ever that is. The free app takes a bit of navigating to find the control of the lights and siren and I would like to see these two given a activation page. All said this is a solid, well built floodlight that delivers very good bangs for your bucks!

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