Oil Diffusers Are Back - From Mynt!

Update: Mynt has updated their Amazon listing with more appealing images. I’ve got a review coming soon!

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Mynt’s third product is now on Amazon: 100ml Essential Oil Diffuser with 7 LEDs. It is selling for $20. Stock is currently quite limited.

It can run continuously for 4.5 hours or every 30 seconds for 10 hours.

It is also apparently quieter than the competition.

What do you think about this latest product from Mynt? Let us know!


the Mynt brand I don´t know, but I currently use a diffuser from another brand (taotronics) that has worked very well, I´m very interested in trying Mynt, because I have the need to buy more for other places in the house

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Looks nice. Wonder if they will make it to the UK?


For a second there I thought it was Google Home

ive been meaning to get my mom an oil diffuser for a while now to see if it can help her with her dry skin.

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Wondering if more sizes will be available. I have a 500ml and maybe more style in terms of wood grain ect.


I have a Taotronics one as well it’s a simple bit of kit and it’s super quiet which is a big plus. They sent me it last Christmas for a test but since the Amazon TOS change I rarely hear from them anymore.

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Looks like a speaker. I like the simple look of it.

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I love my old anker 500 ml. I went back to get another one as a gift and get a smaller and saw they were no longer available. Its good to see they are back.

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Looks good. Aroma diffusers like this can be used as a regular humidifier for small rooms. 10x10? :slight_smile:

For anyone interested, this is on sale for $14 right now on Amazon US (Lightning deal).

I have this product. My mom has been using it and she loves it!

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@joshuad11 That looks nice. I like the design. I currently have the Oil Diffuser by Anker. And use it often. But I like the compact look of this one.

The lighting deal ended before it expired

Probably. Currently 97% claimed.

Clicked on your post link to refresh. It was at 72%

This is a great little oil diffuser. It’s very simple to use and clean. Press the power button on the left one time to turn it on and it will run constantly. Press the power button a second time and the diffuser will cycle on and off every 30 seconds. A third press will turn the diffuser off.

Similarly, press the light button on the right one time and it will light up and cycle smoothly through different colors. If you press the light button a second time it will stay on whatever color it currently is on. Lastly, a third press of the light button will turn the light off. It also possible to turn on just the light and kind of use it as a soft lamp, if you don’t want the diffuser itself to run.

When it runs out of water it shuts itself off. No need to worry about it overheating when it runs dry! I find that it is very quiet while it is running and it puts out a light cool mist.

All in all it’s a great little diffuser and a nice addition to a spa bathroom or bedroom.

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I dig it. I have one by Anker and love it. Basically like yours but bigger and round. I love the light show. :slight_smile: And super easy to use.


Nice review! Thanks for sharing!

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Mynt now offers this exact same model in a Woodgrain edition ($4 more than the regular version at $17.99 vs $13.99)



Love the color contrast. And priced well too.

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looks nice