[Offer Expired] UP TO 36% OFF Soundcore Devices Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Soundcore is offering up to 36% off select products on Tuesday, February 19, 2019.

Devices on sale include…

What products do you hope to see on sale? Let us know down below!


I would love to see the PowerLine+ II on sale at Amazon from $17.97 to a much discounted price! I am interested in getting the flare though, 36% is a great discount.


Soundcore boost and flare aren’t on sale… the other deal look good though!

The sale date is for tomorrow! The motion B is discounted right now though @ Amazon


Oh. That makes sense. Thanks for clarifying!

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Great deals


Thanks for sharing!


The Flare 2-pack has a $10 off coupon so that brings down the price to the cost of a single Flare. Couldn’t resist.


Wow, that is a great deal!

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Great deals!! :heart_eyes:

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Thanks for posting, I got the email too.

We have a diverse community here with very little in common other than liking good quality good value tech with great customer support.

My personal preference has always been personal audio to not cause sound for others, but I would like more options with ANC (noise cancelling) products which can go into ambient mode. Then we can hear, which is social, and still not transmit so not anti-social.

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I’d like to see the Liberty Airs on sale. I wanna get them :blush:

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