[OFF TOPIC] Blood donations

Hello everyone,

I know that a topic like this will be a little out of place on a tech forum, but hey, I just want to spread the good word.

Yesterday I made yet another blood donation. It maye is the 10th or 1th one I do, and it always gives me a great feeling. Not the needle itself, that is not pleasant, but the feeling that I am truly helping others with my donation.

I recently enrolled on the bone marrow donors list in France, and I just wanted to remind everyone one of you that if you are healthy and ready to help, please give your blood !

Thanks a lot for reading this “bloody” topic, and have a great day :slight_smile:


Not out of place at all, we can all get blood thirsty for new products :laughing:, plus it’s in the ‘General’ section so all’s good. Well done on your, donation :thumbsup: :smile:

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Thank you :slight_smile:

I also.give blood. I don’t know why but used to feel anxious about doing it but when my wife stopped. I started :slight_smile:

I feel proud walking into the donation centre and a million dollars walking out. I’ve only done and 7 donations but will always attend now until I’m told I can’t.


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Well done @Antoine_Turpin! it is a very worth while cause.

I’ve never done it, mostly because I probably wouldn’t be allowed. I tend to go like a sick cartoon character when they are drawing blood for tests never mind taking a whole pint!

Haha Yes, you should probably avoid giving so much blood then :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for sharing @Antoine_Turpin! I always look forward to the cookies at the end after donating! :joy:


Hahaha it’s actually how I made my first donation. It was at school, I was starving, and I saw all the food waiting there. I had to make my first donation to deserve my snack :stuck_out_tongue:

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I don’t do blood donations since I’m severely scared to needles, but once I die my body parts will be donated for the national transplant wait list.

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I plan on doing the same !

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I’m on the organ donor list too :thumbsup:


Anker people are definitely good ones … :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s in the blood :heart_decoration:

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Luckily I am blood type O so my blood can go to anyone.

not the other way around though, POOR ME!!! :smiley:

I used to give blood regularly, but as my condition. Got worse, so my medication got stronger.

I completed my 48th donation, when it was decided I couldn’t do any more. It would seem, they don’t like morphine in your blood supply. I mean, you’d think a bit of extra morphine would be well received to someone, who was ill enough to be needing blood!

Just wish I had completed 50, then I could ha e received my gold award badge. I got silver badge at 25, and was looking forward to getting gold.

Keep going and well done, plus any excuse for a free cuppa biscuits n a lie down!


Wow 48. Well done. That’s pretty amazing :clap:

Congrats on your donations ! You did your part :wink:

I appreciate all of those out there like you who are willing to give an hour or less of their life to do something that will eventually preserve somebodies life. Thank you

The last time I donated blood they took too much and I almost passed out. The tech got in trouble for not paying attention and also for hooking me up to the wrong kind of bag which allowed them to draw so much. That was honestly the last time I have gone to donate

Bet that was scary too :scream: