OFF Topic - Apple’s latest AI acquisition leaves some Wyze cameras without people detection

Completely off topic, but just to guess what’s coming from Apple in the near future.

Glad to know that eufy has it’s own AI system and not depending upon a third party.


dependency on other company for a feature is always a risk, and this incident highlights it !

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Ugh, Apple ruining another one of my products.


I was reading about this a few days ago and apparently Wyze is working on developing their own person recognition but we won’t it see until next year

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somebody’s loss, is someone else’s gain… think of it this way, we may see better Apple iOS / MacOS feature or some new product from Apple


That’s annoying. I’ve got a couple of cams and i find them useful. Yesterday I caught the FedEx driving through the front yard.

Sucks that Apple bought it, but they hadn’t someone would have. That A.I. worked well and only made the camera better.

Wyze has some new products coming out so I see them getting their own A.I. up in running soon

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I have one cam and it worked very well as it’s connected always unlike eufycam which is battery operated.

Hmm I didnt know that, hope they are good products

I know they have been working on a battery operated cam, which may become cheaper alternative for eufy cam type security systems.

I’ll keep my eyes open for it :+1:

That is a bummer for Wyze as their cameras are great, but I’m looking forward to see the technology integrated in Apple’s products! Too bad they couldn’t come to an agreement to maintain the technology at both Wyze and Apple.