(Of Topic / OT) Top of the month?! Why me?

I haven’t any product from any of the Anker, Soundcore und so weiter, but I’m one of two that is the top of the month. Shouldn’t they look at how many questions a person answer or how much they post about Anker.

The last thing I did before Christmas was to say that Anker was given earbuds that they knew had some troubles to the people that won.
After that, I haven’t been here. That was to much for me. I can’t trust a company that do so.
There was some people that try to defend Anker to say :- look at Samsung and galaxy 7 and so on, but Samsung didn’t know there was a problem. Anker did.
So, here you have one of two that is the newcomer on this site and a valuable member.

Im sorry you are frustrated, but could you clarify what you are having an issue with? Your thoughts look to be a little fractured in this post.

Okay. I will answer with a automagic translater. I’m just like Greta and speak Swenglich.
First, I wonder how I can become one of two. There should be different criteria than just writing something and suddenly you’re valuable. I don’t know much about the products. As I see it, I might as well be a bot.

Then I complain that they didn’t check the last thing I wrote before I was selected. If you are to appoint someone who seems important to your product and side, you should make sure that is true.
This is as bad as it was with the Xiaomi Miui Global Forum. As long as you’re there writing, it doesn’t matter what, you get points. Everything is automated.

PS When I wrote this post, I got even more points :confused: Ds

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