Ode to the best wireless mouse ever: the Anker DS-2240

Five years or so ago I bought an Anker DS-2240 mouse and fell in love. It fit my hand perfectly, did everything I needed it to do, and made me forget my carpal tunnel issues. Fast forward 5 years and add a lot of arthritis to the mix and this is still, by far, the best mouse I have ever used. It’s still a perfect fit, my fingers land in the right place, and it has the perfect amount of grippiness so it’s easy to pick up and move (important since I have grip issues). My beloved mouse is starting to wear out (left-click often double-clicks when I need a single-click) and I’ve been hunting for months for a new wireless mouse. After purchasing many mice, from the cheapest to the Anker Ergonomic to the higher end Logitechs, I’ve come to the sad conclusion that I should have bought a case of the Anker DS-2240 model while they were still being made. I will continue to use my dying mouse until it clicks no more (or until that un-asked-for double-click become unbearable).

All my love,



There looks to be a Ifixit tutorial how to take it apart and fix it

I never tried an anker mouse… but to tm… till now… the mx mastermouse is the best choice ever

You seem happy with your purchase :+1: