Odd Connection Issue

I attempted to connect my Liberty Air 2s to my laptop. I tried a couple things to make sure it was wording such as youtube music and some generic windows noises, and it worked great. However, I was also on a google meet call for school, and I could not hear any talking from people (This continued into my next call). I am unsure if this is an issue with the product, the laptop settings, or google meet. I’m sure it’s probably something small, but I would appreciate any feedback.

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While on a call you have to make sure they are in headset setting and not headphones. You’ll see this menu on Windows 10 when you click the volume/sound button on the taskbar


In your Bluetooth area, you will see the earbuds and should see a cog wheel. When you hit the cog you should get above but for air 2(which I do not have).

The call is used for when you need the mic and audio is when using this for listening to music. I am assuming the calls is not on. I am not 100 percent if audio has to be turned off as I tend not to use the mic

Thank you! Figured it was just me missing something obvious.

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What was the solution? Just for reference in case someone had similar problems

The sound options like you showed was the issue

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Ok perfect. I thought it was something else along with it lol