Obvious Error on Amazon

Does Anker even proofread their Amazon listings?! How can you list two vlaues that contradict each other? If you get two different measurements, measure a third, fourth, fifth, and sixth time, don’t just say two different Possible dimensions.

No excuse for something like this.

that type of error is common with Anker, just email them and in a week or so they’ll correct it.

My guess is the photo is the wrong one as the rest of it all appear consistent with each other. There are also owner reviews you can ask the owners to measure.


Who actually gives a crap about a products dimensions when it is something as small as a wall charger?? Not saying that there are’nt people out there… but most normal individuals do not care about a products dimensions when it is something that small. :expressionless:

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It’s common for a few different manufacturers, left hand not knowing what the right hand is doing situation (aka design department not talking to sales etc). As you said just email, not exactly worth a venting session IMO.

I often find that product dimensions on Amazon are referring to the box the product comes in as it is listed right above shipping weight


Hi @joshuad11, thanks for your kind reminder! I just pass this important issue to my colleagues and we will correct it ASAP!!:innocent:

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In all honesty though there’s no excuse for a mistake like that. All it takes is a simple double/triple check!

Looks like the photo was right all along.