(Now on Amazon) New PowerCore Speed 20000 (PD)

Update: The new PowerCore Speed 20000 can now be found on Amazon, selling for $90. Yes, that does include the PD wall charger, but it still seems very pricey to me. Hopefully this is not the regular price. What do you think? In stock November 10.

A new product on Anker’s website has appeared. The latest PowerCore Speed 20000 (4th version) has one USB-C port and one USB-A port. The USB-C port is capable of outputting power delivery up to 24W, and inputting up to 30W with the included wall charger. The USB-A port, on the other hand, is capable of 5V at 2A (10W).

Unfortunately, the power bank looks to stick with the old plastic build and there is not a power wheel, just the regular 4 LEDs.

The good news is this is not much bigger than Anker’s other PowerCore 20000 models.

What do you think of this new Anker power bank?

Personally, I’m still waiting for a 10000 with PD.

I will update this post as soon as I find the Amazon link. :eyes: @AnkerOfficial :pray:


Based on output wattage, isn’t this a step backwards from a previous gen?



USB Type-C In and Output i Like it :thumbsup:
And it looks small.

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Yes it is. Perhaps that’s how they were able to shrink the size so much.

They’re probably doing that for their marketing strategy. Think about it… now when the PowerCore+ II comes out with 45W everyone will be going crazy. Almost doubled!

Perhaps. It would be good if they phased out certain models (or even first gen models seeming this is the 4th) to cut down on the fragmentation of their product line. There’s so many versions now that most people wouldn’t know where to start or what would be the best bang for your buck purchase…


Comparison charts like this on Amazon help some (if they are accurate, of course), but I agree, they need to discontinue old models faster.


Interesting product!.
With the inclusion of the USB-C charger with the battery, Anker properly targets laptop users or USB-C cellphone users with USB-C laptop.

They just need to refine all of their models and adjust the naming accordingly because as it stands now there is too much confusion. Expecially with 3 or 4 different versions of the same product

So +1 on confusion. Speed used to be QC, then IQ2 rolled QC in, II did mean IQ2 then it doesn’t now Speed means PD

So we have two products with identical names and different specifications.

Which Powercore speed 20000 do you want customer?

Anker marketing manager gets ready for work


I’m less concerned about the specification of the battery than:

  • it is not clear if you use both ports. Presumably pressing the power button then connecting PD cable makes it output (just cable insert makes it input), but what is the power if you also use the TypeA port and the PD port? Does the PD Wattage drop?
  • if you own a PD device and this battery then you’d be wanting to recharge both your device and the battery concurrently overnight without waking and moving the cable overnight, so you’d want a dual port PD charger which shared power across ports. When? “Powerport2 PD” but with the above marketing manager it will be given some name like Powerport 2 II Speed PD

It will be interesting to see if the PowerCore+ II really are going to support pass through.

Dont really want or need pass-thru, just added port to the charger. You’re going to need 2 cables anyway and if you pass-thru you just force a problem needlessly avoided by parallel cables non-passthru.

The way Anker merged QC3 into IQ to be IQ2 makes me think the next logical step - IQ3 is merge QC with PD. To a certain degree Qualcomm did that with IQ4.

The notion of fastest possible charge is possibly not true. The TypeA port is 2A not 2.4A or 3A like non-QC non-PD ports. So if you had a device which could input say 2.3-2.6A it would recharge slower with this product than say the 26800

Finally, larger packs tend to be used with multiple devices, it should be another port.


I agree. ATTM 1 USB-C and 2 USB-A seems right for 20k. 1 of each would be fine for 10k.

Why are we still seeing old Anker logos on new releases?

Young eyes

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I figured Anker would be full of young, energetic people - with good eyes!

Anker can’t rely on their valued Community members to catch all of their mistakes.

How do you know it’s a mistake? Chances are a large part of the stock was designed and produced before the logo was even changed…

It looks good, but only 1 UBC 3 port for charging devices isn’t enough for my needs. I need at least 2 ports to be able to charge several devices at once. But the included wall charger is a great plus…

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I don’t mind the design, I do however prefer the power wheel led on the bigger sized power banks though. Still waiting for something smaller with the USB-C input and output.
These names are starting to get a bit confusing though.

How small do you want PD? I think anything smaller than about 10k is unrealistic right now.

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USB-PD devices all have huge batteries which would drain a small battery too fast to make much useful top-up charge. USB-PD belongs in wall chargers and bigger batteries and then you hit the fact that bigger batteries have to be slowed for heat reasons so you end up with smaller non-USB-PD batteries for smaller devices and a laptop who lasts all the time you need anyway between wall recharging.