Now is impossible to see MOVISTAR+ in my Nebula Mars II

Hi, since last week my Nebula Mars II doesn’t allow to see the “MOVISTAR+” app (in Spain), I mean now I cannot see MOVISTAR TV series and films: I am very dissapointed ! How can I do or you can do for me ? Thanks !

The best answer you will get from the support.

Maybe you can cast from your phone to the Nebula

Did you get an answer.

In the long term, these niche Nebula products will fall off support, and the long term answer is HDMI from something else which is newer and/or better supported (Chromecast, etc).

Advice is simply to factor this inevitable end-of-life into the purchase decision on price.

Aware, not helping, not answering the question.

i have lost all of disney on my nebula max in the last 24 hours in the UK, its working on all my other devices, could this be related I wonder?