[Now Available] Yet another product - Liberty Lite


Yep, progged to release on Monday, but we’ll just have to wait and see about that…

Hopefully it fixes many of the issues of the Liberty series. To my surprise, some specs appear to be closer to Liberty+ than Liberty (Bluetooth 5.0, 6mm drivers). In fact, really the only noticeably weaker spec that we can tell at this point is the battery life benefit from the case.

In my opinion, this is a great area to cut some corners on to make for a cheaper product. Not only that, but I thought the case was too bulky previously anyways.

Looking forward to reading some of the initial impressions and first reviews from members right here on the Community!


They also restyled these and from the pictures they are no longer as bulky as the liberty’s are. The case also looks much more user friendly and it seems it would be easier to remove these.

One thing I was really hoping for would be independent use of each individual earbud. I have a cheap 20 dollar pair that allows independent use, and if they can do it so can Anker…


Nice find!

I wonder if they fixed the low-volume on one side problem many Liberty+ users, including me, experienced.

Another features in my list: call sound on both earbuds, a way to prevent wax buildup inside the buds


These look awesome

The wax build up is why the low volume was experienced by many. Note after I posted a fix and how to restore it, many have reported back that everything was functioning fine afterwards

Never had the tools - or the nerve - to try that for myself…

Good find. :slight_smile: I wonder what the difference in weight will be?


I can’t find the weight of the Liberty+ , someone who owns could weigh, then we’d know.


Thanks @nigelhealy

Well they did not come out yesterday and nothing yet for today. I messaged Soundcore on Facebook asking if there was an update for when they would release and they simply said “There is no update. Sorry”. So I’m anxiously awaiting the release of these, they seem great.

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They’re out!

On Amazon UK when I looked this morning.


Very tempted…

Correct, they were released overseas first and were still waiting the US release

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hi all,
i have bought the liberty lite, received today.
the sounds is very good and i never found bt disconnection at all.
i have chose this model in particular because of not big and heavy like Zolo liberty plus and very important, because on the manual i have seen that there is like liberty+ the sound surrounding function by press for 3 seconds the right button.
i have tried but nothing happen! tried every combination, keeping the button 3 second or press 3 time etc.Nothing.
Please something can help me?

I hope it is not a function of the liberty plus copied and forgotten by the zolo liberty plus manual.
Or this is a software function but i can’t see any app for this earbud…


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I believe the transparency (sound isolation) feature is exclusive to ZOLO Liberty+…

But I’m glad you’re enjoying the new product!

The feature is present on the liberty lite manual…

Understand that mistakes happen, but luckily for you, it doesn’t appear to have been advertised on any of Soundcore’s press material or the Amazon listings, which hopefully reduced misleading information prior to purchase, and unfortunately, isn’t always the case.

Reviews beginning to roll in via amazon.de

So far 8 reviews averaging 3.6 :star: One reviewer specifically targets the poor fit :cry: I think we need to see a complete redesign with the next version.


Unfortunately I doubt this is something even a redesign will fix. The problem, as @nigelhealy has mentioned in the past, is that everyone’s ears are designed differently. Unless you go customer eartips, then you just may never get the right combination of eartip and earhook that will fit everyone. I personally need to either use tri-tip eartips and the medium earhooks or use large eartips with large earhooks and adjust them as I wear them